Field Guide African Mammals: Stuarts’ Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa (English) von Chris Stuart



Field Guide African Mammals Klassiker für Säugetiere im südlichen.

Optimaler Begleiter für den Busch im südlichen Afrika. Englisch.

Of the more than 5,500 mammals species worldwide, at least 1,200 occur in Africa. Stuarts’ Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa concentrates on the more visible and easily distinguished larger species, as well as some of the more frequently seen smaller mammals. This new edition has been extensively revised, expanded and redesigned and includes: the most recent research and taxonomy, revised distribution maps and many new images, colour-coded grouping of orders, size icons, detailed descriptions of each species, offering insight into key identification characters, typical behaviour, preferred habitat, food choice, reproduction and longevity, whales and dolphins now featured too. Sales points: text extensively updated, now includes marine mammals of the region, reflects latest changes in taxonomy, including many new species, fresh new design, all distribution maps revised.


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