Sasol 2020 – Sasol Birds of Southern Africa (English Edition) Kindle Ausgabe – vormalige Ausgabe



Birding Guide / Field Guide Birds. Vogelbestimmung und -erklärung. Auf Englisch. Auflage vom 21. Juli 2020 – Auch als Taschenbuch erhältlich.

Now in its fifth edition, Sasol Birds of Southern Africa has been brought fully up to date by its expert author panel, with additional contributions from two new birding experts. Greatly enhanced, this comprehensive, best-selling guide is sure to maintain its place as one of Africa’s most trusted field guides. Sales points: More than 800 new illustrations. Scan and play bird calls using free downloadable app. Fully revised text (with latest species records), maps and plate annotations. Fresh input from new contributing authors. Comprehensive coverage of the region’s birds.